Huerfano County Community Forum

The Huerfano County Community Forum was established in 2011 with these 5 goals:

  • To open lines of communication and build working relationships between residents/citizens of the county and representatives of SWEPI LP – “Shell”


  • To serve as a forum for community members and Shell representatives to ask questions, raise concerns, identify discussion topics and share scientific/technical information about the community and about Shell’s natural gas exploration


  • To serve as a forum for the community members to offer recommendations to Shell and for Shell’s representatives to report back to the community about whether and how Shell staff used their recommendations


  • To serve as a forum that draws in the needs, concerns, opinions and perspectives of the wider community and as a conduit for information from the forum’s participants to the larger community


  • To serve as one possible forum for new ideas about county policy and regulation that the Planning and Zoning Commission or County Commissioners may consider


Final Operating Protocols.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [25.4 KB]