About Us

Our projects and clients include:

  • Los Angeles County Cannabis Listening Sessions
  • Lafayette Community Engagement
  • Southern Sierra Conservation Cooperative
  • Landscape Stakeholder Advisory Group
  • Environmental Justice Advisory Committee
  • Sustainable Groundwater Management Act - Best Management Practices
  • Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
  • Tribal Forest Protection Act Workshops
  • Beneficial Management Practices for Nutrient Management
  • National Highway Institute - National Transit Institute
  • Medical Cannabis Pre-Regulatory Public Meetings
  • Caltrans & California Coastal Commission - Integrated Planning Framework
  • Delta Community Action Planning
  • Building a Better Colorado
  • California Senate Bill 718
  • RTD-Denver - Pass Program Working Group
  • RTD-Denver - Access-a-Ride Paratransit Advisory Committee
  • Connecticut Department of Transportation - Refining Environmental Permitting Processes
  • Energize Denver - Local Ordinance to Promote Energy Efficiency
  • Western Governors' Association


  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Alliance for HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment 
  • Nebraska Department of Roads and FHWA Division Office Joint Project Delivery Efficiency Team
  • Federal Advisory Committee - U.S. Forest Service Forest Planning Rule
  • Endangered Species Act - Federal-State Joint Task Force
  • Denver - Arapahoe Square Zoning Task Force
  • Denver - Slot Home Task Force
  • U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution
  • Huerfano County Community Forum - Oil Exploration

Michael Hughes, President

With more than twenty years experience in collaborative leadership, Mike Hughes can help you and those in your organization make shared decisions, engage your stakeholders and solve tough problems.  Hughes Collaboration can meet your organization's needs with expert consensus building, facilitation, mediation, training and shared problem solving.

Justin Almase-Ruschell, Associate

Justin Almase-Ruschell is a dynamic public policy and alternative dispute resolution practitioner with experience working with state governments, stakeholder engagement, inter-agency relations and analysis, private sector disputes, project development, and community relations. Justin’s experience and perspective provide a helpful level of thoughtfulness and inquiry to policy matters and to the overall dispute resolution process. 



Hughes Collaboration is pleased to offer the following testimonials and is happy to provide you with referrals upon request.

Cherry Creek Zoning Task Force


"Sarah and I really enjoyed the collaborative relationship we’ve shared with you on this project.  So much of this project’s success is due directly to your involvement."

- Kyle A. Dalton, AICP | Senior City Planner, Community Planning & Development | City and County of Denver

Delta Protection Commission--Delta Placemaking


"Justin interviewed us as part of the ongoing Delta Placemaking Project and we found his style, interaction, and professionalism to be both helpful and encouraging to the overall process."  

- Doug and Cathy of Greene and Hemly, Courtland, CA